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House price went up a lot in past years in Phoenix metropolitan after real estate market crashed around 2009. Below are the monthly home value chart by Zillow and weekly mortgage rate trend.

Zillow Home Value Index (凤凰城大都区房屋价值)

Mortgage Rate (贷款利率) powered by MortgageCalculator.org
  Mortgage rate is highly related to bond. See How Bonds Affect Mortgage Interest Rates for details.

For most people, financial journey starts with purchase of primary residence. A simple mortgage calculator helps in estimating monthly payment and then in deciding the purchase.

Mortgage Calculator
Enter loan details & click the CALCULATE button, or, hit Tab or Enter key
Purchase price $ (if this is the loan amount, enter 0 in below Down Payment)
Down Payment as % %   (3, 10, 20, etc.) Down Payment $
Mortgage Rate %
Term of Loan Years
Monthly Payment $ (only includes principle & interest)
Loan Amount $ (the money you will borrow)
Number of Payments

Here are some useful websites or information on real estate.

http://www.pulte.com (I worked for Pulte from 2007 to 2011)
http://nces.ed.gov  (US Department of Education school search)
http://www.azdps.gov  (Locate/Find sex offenders in Arizona)
https://tarf.azda.gov  (Search termite history in AZ properties)

- Do I need to buy renter insurance? The answer is Yes.
- AC energy-saving Tips by SRP. Actually, US Dept of Energy recommends the lowest AC temperature is 78 degree.
- If you want to return a purchase, please read FTC rules.
- Here is the link to AZ Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

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