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Calculators (投资回报计算) here are for evaluating investment return from different aspects.

When you invest in stock or retirement account (401k, Roth, etc), brokerage or financial institution reports an annual return rate to you after year-end. Over a period of 8 years, for example, you got 8 individual annual return rates for each year but you may not know exactly your portfolio's overall performance for the span of 8 years. This calculator allows you to enter up to 20 annual returns, and then calculates the annualized return which is the best indicator to evaluate stocks and funds performance and return for a time period of long term. Click on here for more explanation on annualized return.
Annualized return by this calculator can also be used to compare index strategies among Indexed Universal Life (IUL) products.

Enter annual return rates exactly in time order and enter reasonable numbers (e.g. a return of -100% means you lost every penny!) to calculate Annualized Return
1: %   2: %   3: %   4: %   5: %  
6: %   7: %   8: %   9: %   10: %  
11: %   12: %   13: %   14: %   15: %  
16: %   17: %   18: %   19: %   20: %  
Note: 1st year return is required.

Next calculator gives the total earning by a compound interest rate or a simple interest rate after a period of years. It can also calculate the annual income for an Annuity if its income withdrawal rate is entered.
Earning Calculator
Principal    (Premium)  
Interest rate (%)    (Roll-up rate)  
Rate type     
Number of years growth    
Compunding times per year    (optional. Default 1)  
Income withdrawal rate %    (for annuity. Otherwise, just leave 100 in it)  
Total amount   (earned interest is )
  Annual income   (from an Annuity)

Some annuity companies provide simple interest rate in the description of products. To make comparison easier, below calculator will convert a simple interest to a compound interest:
Simple interest  =   %   during N year(s)
Number of year(s) N  =     
Compound interest%

When knowing your portfolio's final value, you can use below calculator to calculate the return rate. For instance, after you sell a real property, you calculate its annualized return and use it to compare with the result of other investments. You can also use it to get the total cumulative return rate.
Annualized Return Calculator
Initial value =  $
Final value =  $
Number of years held =    
Annualized Return = %
  Cumulative Return = %

If you already know the Cumulative Return over N years, you can use below calculator to get the Annualized Return for your portfolio.
Annualized Return Calculator
Cumulative return  =   %   during N year(s)
Number of year(s) N  =     
Annualized Return%

annual return vs annualized return

What is Annualized Return or Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)? and why it is a magic number? Assume you invested $100 for 4 years with annual return rates 5%, -55%, 99%, 58%. The calculator gives you cumulative return 48.563% and annualized return 10.402% as shown below.

Let me put the numbers into below table to show each year's result. In the first part, 4 different annual return rates are used to get the final value of $148.56. In the second part, 4 return rates are replaced by annualized return rate 10.402%. The results by both calculations are exactly the same, which means 4 return rates are equivalent to a single rate 10.402% in compound growth in each year.

Annualized return is a constant number that tells you what is exactly the investment performance in multiple years. With my calculator, if you want to compare the performance of your investment with other investments, you can enter many annual returns from other investments, such as S&P 500 returns, in the same period of years into the calculator to get their annualized return and know who was doing better. This magic number is something your financial advisor and brokerage firm might not want you to know. Knowing the annualized return, you can also easily apply it to "Rule Of 72" to estimate the number of years required to double your money.

- If you want to see the math formula for calculating Annualized Return, please read this.
- A good explanation on CAGR but a confusing term "Annualized Returns" (with s at the end).
- Here is a good article on calculating Inflation-Adjusted Return.
- A good calculator works out savings with regular monthly deposits or withdrawals  (what it does ?)

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