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Insurance products provide protection in events out of your control.
   - Live too long: annuity
   - Die too soon: life insurance
   - Lose income: disability income, critical illness
   - Lose health: medical coverage, long term care (LTC)

Insurance is a very important part in retirement planning as shown in retirement pyramid.

Annuity guarantees lifetime income and lifestyles after retirement and transfers potential financial risks to insurance company. It diversifies your investments and puts your retirement money into a guaranteed bucket for life-time income. There are different types of annuity product. The investment return of very popular Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) largely depends on the performance of its index strategies. Listed here are some indexes used in FIA. 指数年金的回报在很大程度上取决于它选用的指数(index)。为什么有的指数能持续走高? 除了随大市场在上涨之外,指数内部也在不断地吐故纳新。 比如,标普500指数(S&P 500 Index),在2020年将表现不佳的最大能源公司Exxon Mobil Corporation移出,而换进了蒸蒸日上的电动车公司Tesla。

S&P Multi-Asset Risk Control (MARC) 5% Excess Return (SPMARC5P) (NA) (vs S&P 500 (SPX))
S&P 500 Low Volatility Daily Risk Control 5% Index (SPLV5UT) (NA)
Morgan Stanley Dynamic Balance Index (NA)
Fidelity Multifactor Yield Index 5% ER (NA)

J.P. Morgan Mozaic II Index (NW)
NYSE® Zebra® Edge Index (NW)
MSCI EAFE Index (EAFE stands for Europe, Australasia and Far East)

Nasdaq FC Index (BOFANFCC) (Athene)
AI Powered US Equity Index (AIPEX) (Athene)
BNP Paribas Multi Asset Diversified 5 Index (BNPIMAD5) (Athene)
S&P 500 Daily RC2 8% Index (SPX8UN2) (Athene)
S&P 500 Daily Risk Control 5% Index (SPXT5UT) (Lincoln, Athene)
Janus SG Market Consensus Index (SGMDJMCI) (Athene)
Morningstar® Dividend Yield Focus Target Volatility 5 Index (MSDIHDVA) (Athene)
Shiller Barclays CAPE® US Sector Risk Controlled 10% USD Total Return Index (Athene)
Shiller Barclays Global Index (Athene)

Bloomberg US Dynamic Balance II ER Index (BTSIDB2E:IND) (A)
PIMCO Tactical Balanced ER Index (TBIER) (A)
Bloomberg US Dynamic Balance II Index (BXIIUDB2:IND) (A)
PIMCO Tactical Balanced Index (TBI) (A)
BlackRock iBLD Claria ER Index (IBLDCLRE) (A)

Morgan Stanley Global Opportunities Index2 (Delaware)
First Trust Capital Strength® Barclays 5% Index (Delaware)

ML Strategic Balanced Index (MLSB) (AIG)
PIMCO Global Optima Index (GOI) (AIG)
AB All Market Index (AIG)

Barclays Trailblazer Sectors 5 Index (F&G)

Benefits of buying insurances are not only to provide protection, but also to eliminate dependency. Here is an excellent chart on consumer price changes in past 20 years. The biggest jump was in healthcare and education, and was significantly higher than 55.6% increase in CPI. Nobody knows how high healthcare and education costs will go in next 20 years. But buying long-term care (LTC) insurance is a way to hedge them for both the senior and the younger because 70% of people age 65 and up will need long-term health care (the Wall Street Journal, 2006), and LTC insurance covers LTC costs and reduces burden potentially on your child(ren).

Life insurance provides financial security to family and pass wealth to your loved ones with tax-free feature. Some life insurance products have floor to protect investment from any stock market lose and have good upside (or uncapped) potential. When buying a life insurance, be very careful on keyword "guaranteed" and the purpose & cost of each rider.

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